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Phytessence™ Pink Pomelo EC, for a skin sparkling with life!

Stress, fatigue, anxiety, crisis… consumers are seeking products/experiences that revitalize the body, boost the mood and remove gloom and dullness. As a remedy against gloom, pomelo fruit is a delight for the senses. With sparkling, refreshing & stimulating effect, festive and colourful aspect, it is vital for anti-gloom attitude!

Phytessence™ Pink Pomelo EC promotes well-being, free from stress and anxiety! Symbol of freshness and vitality, Phytessence™ Pink Pomelo EC is designed to activate cell renewal. To fight against dulling aspect and awaken radiance, it is indispensable to provide cell renewal, to remove irregularities and achieve better light reflection. Helping skin regeneration enables the deepest, hence youngest layers to appear at the surface. The smoother and healthier the epidermis is, the more it reflects and interacts with light and the more the skin complexion is radiant.

Whereas skin scrubbing remains the best ally of radiance, it can be the worst enemy of sensitive, fragile and intolerant skin. The percentage of population with sensitive skin in the world is increasing. As gentle as it is effective, Phytessence Pink Pomelo EC is suitable for sensitive skin.

Organic certified extract by Ecocert® Greenlife, Phytessence™ Pink Pomelo EC is a natural and mild exfoliating agent that improves the appearance of the skin. This extract is an answer to the quest for luminous and blemish-free skin, to enhance complexion, reduce ageing signs and provide light, radiance and freshness to the skin.

Key words: Vitality, Freshness, Radiance, Pleasure

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