Crodarom Elfe Flower

Seasonal Ingredient

The Elfe Flower, the magic flower from forests’ legends 

Tales were a part of our childhood and made us dream. These marvellous stories have today become an inexhaustible source of inspiration, allowing children and adults to escape far from reality. Through the last years, we discovered magical and childish atmosphere as well as mysterious, darker and fantasy world giving opportunities for new and original creations. This bewitching trend has spread everywhere, from the fashion market, to cosmetics, inspiring us also through cinema with new versions of our childhood fairy tales.

Perennial plant from South China forests, Crodarom® Elfe Flower, with its delicate and beautiful flowers that look like elves, is perfectly adapted to this new trend. 

Traditionally used as aphrodisiac, it has played a vital multifaceted role in traditional Asian medicine for at least 1,000 years. With anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-tiredness properties, Crodarom® Elfe Flower is an ideal ingredient for anti-fatigue or tonifying concepts.

Key words: Elfe flower, fairy tales, anti-fatigue, enchanting

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