french volcano

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Crodarom® French Volcano, the pure and rare trendy stone

Asia strongly influences other cosmetic markets worldwide, imposing their regulations and specificities, but this is the Land of the Morning Calm, which has become the indispensable hub of cosmetic trends in recent years.

Korea is the most inventive cosmetic market, where innovative ideas and unusual ingredients appear.
Volcano stone is the new trendy mineral coming from Korean influences.

With strength, pureness and rarity image, volcanic stone is mainly used in cosmetics for its mineral content, its purifying virtues, eliminating impurities and it sebum absorbance power.

Crodarom® French Volcano is obtained from French volcanic stone, named ‘La pierre de Volvic’ which comes from the cast of the Puy de Nugère (Puy-de-Dôme – France). The last eruption of this volcano was 11,000 years ago. It contains mainly minerals with remineralising, regenerating and soothing properties, ideal for anti-fatigue skin care or revitalising hair care.

Key words: mineral, volcano, stone, purifying

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