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Crodarom® Moonstone, an enchanting and mysterious stone

Crodarom® Moonstone, launched in 2014, is becoming a must, integrating into the spiritual beauty booming trend.
Indeed holistic well-being and reconnection with our "inner self" become meaningful in this trend.
The fascination for the mystic and the supernatural continues to evolve, highlighting precious stones and magical stars.

Enchanting, captivating or spellbinding, Moonstone is associated with beliefs that have marked the centuries throughout the world.
It is a festival of lights, playing with colours to create a mysterious glow, reminiscent of the moon. This similarity inspires admiration amongst humans for whom the star holds magical powers.
Since the dawn of time, the Moon has been spellbinding. Its splendour conjures up an absolute timelessness and its presence conveys an impression of enchanting tranquility, a feeling of peace.

Drawing upon a semi-precious stone with a thousand virtues, Crodarom® Moonstone is the ingredient for night concepts and magical cosmetics midway between imagination and reality.

Key words: Mineral, moonstone, magical, celestial, elegant

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