New Data

PHYTOFOAM™ is the new flagship of the Crodarom Portfolio.

The foam is no longer reserved for detergents. Thanks to its sensory qualities, foam is the key texture of the latest products launched on the cosmetic market.
Soft touch, aerial and creamy texture, easier application, the foam provides a nice natural look and a real pleasure during use.
The foam is the new-generation cocoon, the 'texture pleasure' of original and innovative formulas. PHYTOFOAM™ is a vegetable complex of three plants with traditional ethno-cleansing history and it demonstrates foam boosting abilities and improved sensory qualities. While having good detergency properties, PHYTOFOAM™ shows high tolerance on skin proving a very good skin compatibility, with no-irritation or sensitization. It has been proven to be non-cytotoxic and non-irritant for the eyes.
PHYTOFOAM™ is recommended for daily care of sensitive and fragile skins and it is the ideal ingredient to take care of delicate face areas.

New data to claim “do not sting the eyes” is now available for this trendy product. And a new formulation kit with strong marketing concept can also be presented to you by our sales team.

Key points of the product:
  • Natural botanical water with foaming, cleansing and sensorial qualities
  • Synergy of three plants, rich in saponins and ethnic traditions
  • Foaming booster to enhance foam volume and stability and to reduce the use of irritant detergents
  • Gentle cleansing power, respectful of cutaneous barrier
  • Intense sensorial quality to guarantee soft and creamy texture, easy to use and minimizing the effects of hot and humid climates
  • Ideal for delicate face areas, sensitive skins and baby application
  • Perfectly adapted to rinse-off and leave-on products hinge on naturalness
  • Efficiency safely : non-irritant, non-cytotoxic, non-sensitizing

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