Nordic Cotton seasonal plant

Seasonal plant

Crodarom® Nordic Cotton, Cosy care from the Northern climates

In today's society, dominated by virtual exchanges, breakneck speeds and increasing demands, switching yourself off to enjoy a moment of respite can be of great benefit. Taking the time to listen to your real needs, to pamper yourself and taste the small pleasures in life, is like stepping back into the cosiness of childhood. To keep in touch with their inner selves and build up their defences in order to stay on course, consumers need to be able to fall back on something that is immediately comforting and secure.

With its expanses of rugged countryside free from all pollution, where nature can be felt everywhere you look, where every breath you take comes with an indescribable sense of purity, serenity and liberty, this is precisely what the almost surreal landscape of the Far North offers. This untouched land, where all is silent and calm, where the air is different, as if charged with energy, invites us to get back in touch with nature.

Having managed to adapt to the climatic conditions of the Nordic regions, Nordic cotton has become one of the dominant plants on the tundra. Its leaves and roots are highly astringent. When used in infusions, the roots also prevent coughing. To survive in extreme conditions, this plant synthesizes active ingredients such as sugars, polyphenols and minerals, which protect the plant and boost its resistance to the elements.

Crodarom® Nordic Cotton reinforces the skin's natural barrier and soothes the most sensitive types of skin while moisturising and protecting hair.


Key words: Purity, Lightness, Comfort, Arctic

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