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Phytessence French Oak
Phytessence™ French Oak, the centenary tree, the anti-ageing solution

King of the forests, symbol of wisdom, power and immortality, the oak tree is solid and resistant to the test of time. Living up to 500 years, oak must synthesize molecules of defence and protection for adapting to its environment. 

Indeed, the more vegetal species live on, the more their antioxidant capital rises. These molecules are phenolic compounds, particularly tannins, which give to oak tree intense astringent and antioxidant properties. 

Thanks to its powerful antioxidant capacity, Phytessence™ French Oak reduces the harmful effects of oxidative stress involved in skin and scalp ageing. 

Hair follicles are the target of radical peroxide attacks which cause bleaching and loss of vitality of hair and the slowdown in its growth. The protective effect of the extract has been tested on hair follicle cells submitted to oxidative stress induced by lipid peroxide. Phytessence™ French Oak reduces by 78% the production of free radicals responsible for the premature ageing of hair follicle. 

UVA rays are the key factor of photoageing. Phytessence™ French Oak has proven effect on human skin exposed to UVAs. Compared to placebo cream, the application of Phytessence™ French Oak formulated at 3% in a cream shows 34% reduction of free radicals production. This antioxidant effect is visible for 100% of the volunteers involved in the test.

 Phytessence™ French Oak is a global anti-ageing solution.
 Patented product

Key points : UV Protection, Antioxidant, cell protection, radical scavenging

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