Fire Tulip

Seasonal Plant

Phytofleur™ Fire Tulip, the HOT flower

Play on paradoxes, provoke, surprise… Away with convention and welcome to freedom! In order to live within the social models imposed upon us, many people adopt unconventional styles, cultivate their individuality, embrace provocation and shun the politically correct.

Give free rein to your imagination and you can all create an original visual look. Blur the boundaries: men who embrace flowers, flames which resist the fire… Everything is possible now!

Native to tropical Africa, the African Tulip Tree is used by shamans to carve talismans. It is held in reverence by a large number of peoples and tribes, who believe it to have supernatural powers.
Considered to be a magical tree by the witch doctors of Africa, its flowers are used to treat skin problems (infections, irritations, etc.), while its bark is used to treat malaria and to quicken the healing of wounds.

Phytofleur™ Fire Tulip principally contains phenolic compounds (flavonoids and anthocyanins) and triterpenoids. Well-known for their antioxidant, astringent and soothing properties, these active molecules will brighten your complexion, soothe sun-sensitive skin and protect against ageing.

Key words: Unisex, antioxidant, anti-fire flame, flower for men

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