New products

Crodarom develops numerous innovative products for personal care applications. To view technical presentations and product data sheets please take a moment and register with us.

NamePlantSummary statement
Phytoliquid Giant Kelp - Login required Giant Kelp The new crodarom seaweed extract following the big marine trend
Phytessence White Peony - Login required White Peony Correcting uneven skin tone, redness and age spots for a sensual and perfect beauty
Crodarom Moonstone - Login required Moonstone Enchanting and mysterious, moonstone supports regenerative action and amplifies the allure of the hidden side of a captivating, mysterious and magical beauty care products.
Phytessence Pink Pomelo EC - Login required Pomelo / Pink grapefruit Symbol of vitality and freshness, pink pomelo activates cell renewal and is involved in the elimination of dead cells. Enhancing cell renewal is indispensable to restore skin radiance and light.