New products

Crodarom develops numerous innovative products for personal care applications. To view technical presentations and product data sheets please take a moment and register with us.

NamePlantSummary statement
Phytessence Pink Pomelo EC - Login required Pomelo The first Ecocert certified extract with efficacy data!
Phytessence French Oak - Login required Oak The centenary tree, the anti-ageing solution.
Rhodiola Extract - Login required Rhodiola / Golden Root The Anti-stress golden root
Crodarom Bali Sea Salt PG - Login required Bali Sea Salt A unique and exotic sea salt originating from Bali
French Lavender Extract - Login required Lavender Lavender extract with a certified French origin
Crodarom Porcelain Flower - Login required Porcelain Flower / Hoya The delicate Crystalline flower for a "porcelain complexion"
Avocadin HU25 - Login required Avocadin HU25/ Avocado, Olive New data available
Phytofleur Jasmine EC - Login required Jasmine A new Ecocert certified extract.